January 1, 2021 in Death Egg Zone
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STP the Hedgehog
And now I have migrated my comic archived from SmackJeeves to ComicFury!

This proved to be almost as tedious a process as I feared it would be. I'm thankful that ComicFury has a batch-upload process which simplified things somewhat (naming comic pages after the file names), but I wasn't able to upload the entire archive in one shot. This was because, in terms of matching release dates to the original dates, I could only batch-upload comic pages whenever there was a contiguous block of consecutive Fridays. Every time I'd skipped a week in the past, I had to set up a new batch upload of pages. But now, I've got them all uploaded and I believe all the dates match. If you happen to be browsing through previous pages and you find a date mismatch, or a page-number mismatch, or a comic page uploaded twice, please let me know and I'll fix it.

I'll continue to finish populating the comic profile (e.g. comic banner, comic avatar) as time goes on. For now, I just wanted to make sure the comic pages themselves were uploaded on ComicFury before SmackJeeves shut down.